VIENNA 26th-30th August 2020


Welcome to the official website of the World Riichi Championship!

Riichi means “Japanese mahjong” and is the rule set commonly played in Japan, but quickly gaining players and fans across the globe. World Riichi Championship (WRC) is the official and only authority for the WRC Rules. WRC Rules are an international standard rule set officially adopted by main national organizations and groups, including by professional organizations in its home of Japan.

The World Riichi Championship is an event run every three years in locations across the globe, bringing amateur and professional players to battle it out over the mahjong tiles for the title of World Riichi Champion. To date, two events have been run at locations in Paris, France and Las Vegas, United States in 2014 and 2017 respectively. The next event is scheduled for 26th-30th 2020 in Vienna, Austria and more information will be available at closer to the event.

WRC's aim is to grow international riichi mahjong and provide a goal for all riichi players. We want to support groups big and small so please feel free to contact us using our contact form.



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All photography provided by Jamie Grant.