Qualifiers, Qualifiers and more Qualifiers!

It’s a busy end of year for us at WRC. We have three qualifiers in a few short months.

The first is TNT in Paris. TNT were the very first WRC hosts in 2014 so we owe them a great deal. It is an exciting three day event from October 18th - 20th, using a knockout format very similar to what we expect for the main event. For more information on the qualifier, please check out the website. Check the tournament participant list and you’ll see we have two very special guests from the Japan Professional Mahjong League attending. We’ll post more about that later this year.

The next two tournaments are on opposite sides of the globe at the same weekend 7th-8th December. The Australian Riichi Mahjong Association will be holding their first major tournament and to celebrate, they will have one WRC seat to give away to their top player. More details here.

The second one is in London and is a very special qualifier held by a sponsor - G-Research. WRC is notoriously difficult to run and even more expensive than it is difficult. G-Research’s generous sponsorship will allow us to make the event we believe this community deserves. Please do give them your support and gratitude. Plus, sign up for the event!

G-Research is a leading quantitative research and technology company. They also boast a hefty employee mahjong team, with support from the company for regular practice sessions! Sounds like the place for you? They are hiring! Check out their website for more information.