ERMC 2019 Prize Quiz Answer

At the ERMC 2019 we held a prize quiz and draw for an exciting Square Enix signed plushie!

Question 5 was the one that got most heads scratching. Here it is and the answer we were looking for!


You are looking for 4 groups and a pair. When we look at this hand, you have too many potential groups. So we need to assess each group and work out what needs to go.

The 45 is an obvious keep as a two-sided wait.

Considering the rest of your shapes are not looking good, you should keep the extended 四五六七 because with a lucky draw, you can upgrade one of the other shapes.

The (6)(8) is also not great but let's keep it for the moment because a (5) draw would change all of that.

That leaves us weighing up the pros and cons of the 南南 and the (1)(1)(2)(2). The latter could potentially be two groups depending on your draws. However, it is also the most difficult to work with and upgrade so it's the one you should try and prune. Throwing the (1) means the least loss in the number of tiles you can accept into your hand.

Sanshoku should be something you keep in mind to make this a hand of good value (or at least so Gemma keeps saying...).

Thanks again for everyone who took part and we look forward to seeing more training in the run up to Vienna!