World Riichi Championship Announces Central Vienna Location for WRC 2020

The World Riichi Championship and 2020 Host Club Kasu are excited to announce that the location of the third World Riichi Championship will be the Intercontinental Hotel, Vienna.

The Intercontinental is a five star hotel just steps away from the Vienna Opera House. With its magnificent and elegant Grand Ballroom, WRC are confident players will all feel like belles and beaus.

The location is centrally located in the city of Vienna with numerous options for eating and staying. Transport and access is excellent to the rest of the city and the airport.

WRC will be offering a special rate on rooms at the Intercontinental and we can expect these to be available in January 2020, along with announcements on the registration fee and other details.

The number of players is expected to participate is 200 with quotas currently under discussion.

Keep an eye out for announcements on quotas for your region. If you have any questions or are unsure which organization will be able to nominate you to the WRC, please contact us at: