Welcome Eorzeans!

As a long time player of Final Fantasy XIV, I was understandably very hype when they announced riichi mahjong would be in the latest patch (albeit called Doman mahjong).

Not only does this mean I can play my favorite game inside my second favorite game, but it also means a new flurry of interest in mahjong!

If you’ve hit on this site looking for more information about our game and community, welcome! I really hope that your first game in the world of Eorzea is just the start of a mahjong career that could take you all the way to the world championship title!

The Square Enix devs haven’t put much rules information out there for the public, but the rules they’re using in the game are very similar to WRC rules which you can find in our rules section. If you do have any questions about either WRC or Doman rules, please feel free to reach out to us via the contact form or the “Ask Us!”. We have WRC rules experts AND Final Fantasy players on hand to answer any of your questions.

Please like and follow us via our social media channels. Mahjong is a deep and engrossing game. We really hope you join us at a real life table soon!

Welcome to the community!