WRC 2020 Announced!

It's been a busy few weeks.

First of all, we were very saddened to hear of the passing of Mr. Kojima or "Mister Mahjong" of the Japan Professional Mahjong League. He was very supportive of the World Riichi Championship initiative and we were so glad to welcome him to Paris 2014. WRC will attempt to continue in the path he forged, bringing mahjong to as many people as possible.

It is under that sorrowful shadow that we have announced WRC 2020 will be held in the historic city of Vienna. Lena of Vienna-based club Kasu and Alexander of Ryanpin in Graz approached us even before the 2017 event had come to a close, keen to volunteer to hold the next event. Their enthusiasm is ridiculously infectious, and despite the exhaustion of Vegas, they helped us keep our minds in the future and to the next event.

Of course, Lena was also the best performing European of the entire event and I can't wait to see how the Japanese players perform against her when they're on her home turf.

We're light on the details at the moment but things will start to be locked down over the next twelve months so, as always, follow us on social media and visit our page in your idle moments.

You even have some time to learn some German, starting with the tournament's motto: Lass uns spielen!