Player List ALMOST Complete

Finally! We're almost there. I can't tell you how grateful we are to the patience of the players. This has been a new process for us partly due to combining hotel bookings and also registering all 240 players from all over the world.

I believe it's going to have been worth the slog and the patience!

The North American player list is up. EMA is currently in the redistribution phase. Once the list is more static, we'll have a combined list of all regions.

Most player invoices have now been issued for those names on the site. We have a few still left to get out but it should all be done in the next few days. The question is what happens next?

After we've received all of your subscriptions, we will then complete the booking with the hotel and make final payments. After which we will be able to issue receipts for those who need/want them.

We will then be starting to send out more complete player forms where we will be asking you for things like a photo of yourself, dietary requirements, logistical things so we can help you better, and also a short bio. Some of this info will be shared with the television producers who will be coming over from Japan, so that they can know you better when they're filming you at the tables!

After those forms are complete, we will issue final player numbers. And really there is nothing left to do for you then but relax until Las Vegas! (and maybe play lots of mahjong in prep!)

Can't wait to see you there!