Qualifiers, Qualifiers and more Qualifiers!

It’s a busy end of year for us at WRC. We have three qualifiers in a few short months.

The first is TNT in Paris. TNT were the very first WRC hosts in 2014 so we owe them a great deal. It is an exciting three day event from October 18th - 20th, using a knockout format very similar to what we expect for the main event. For more information on the qualifier, please check out the website. Check the tournament participant list and you’ll see we have two very special guests from the Japan Professional Mahjong League attending. We’ll post more about that later this year.

The next two tournaments are on opposite sides of the globe at the same weekend 7th-8th December. The Australian Riichi Mahjong Association will be holding their first major tournament and to celebrate, they will have one WRC seat to give away to their top player. More details here.

The second one is in London and is a very special qualifier held by a sponsor - G-Research. WRC is notoriously difficult to run and even more expensive than it is difficult. G-Research’s generous sponsorship will allow us to make the event we believe this community deserves. Please do give them your support and gratitude. Plus, sign up for the event!

G-Research is a leading quantitative research and technology company. They also boast a hefty employee mahjong team, with support from the company for regular practice sessions! Sounds like the place for you? They are hiring! Check out their website for more information.

ERMC 2019 Prize Quiz Answer

At the ERMC 2019 we held a prize quiz and draw for an exciting Square Enix signed plushie!

Question 5 was the one that got most heads scratching. Here it is and the answer we were looking for!


You are looking for 4 groups and a pair. When we look at this hand, you have too many potential groups. So we need to assess each group and work out what needs to go.

The 45 is an obvious keep as a two-sided wait.

Considering the rest of your shapes are not looking good, you should keep the extended 四五六七 because with a lucky draw, you can upgrade one of the other shapes.

The (6)(8) is also not great but let's keep it for the moment because a (5) draw would change all of that.

That leaves us weighing up the pros and cons of the 南南 and the (1)(1)(2)(2). The latter could potentially be two groups depending on your draws. However, it is also the most difficult to work with and upgrade so it's the one you should try and prune. Throwing the (1) means the least loss in the number of tiles you can accept into your hand.

Sanshoku should be something you keep in mind to make this a hand of good value (or at least so Gemma keeps saying...).

Thanks again for everyone who took part and we look forward to seeing more training in the run up to Vienna!

Welcome Eorzeans!

As a long time player of Final Fantasy XIV, I was understandably very hype when they announced riichi mahjong would be in the latest patch (albeit called Doman mahjong).

Not only does this mean I can play my favorite game inside my second favorite game, but it also means a new flurry of interest in mahjong!

If you’ve hit on this site looking for more information about our game and community, welcome! I really hope that your first game in the world of Eorzea is just the start of a mahjong career that could take you all the way to the world championship title!

The Square Enix devs haven’t put much rules information out there for the public, but the rules they’re using in the game are very similar to WRC rules which you can find in our rules section. If you do have any questions about either WRC or Doman rules, please feel free to reach out to us via the contact form or the “Ask Us!”. We have WRC rules experts AND Final Fantasy players on hand to answer any of your questions.

Please like and follow us via our social media channels. Mahjong is a deep and engrossing game. We really hope you join us at a real life table soon!

Welcome to the community!


WRC 2020 Announced!

It's been a busy few weeks.

First of all, we were very saddened to hear of the passing of Mr. Kojima or "Mister Mahjong" of the Japan Professional Mahjong League. He was very supportive of the World Riichi Championship initiative and we were so glad to welcome him to Paris 2014. WRC will attempt to continue in the path he forged, bringing mahjong to as many people as possible.

It is under that sorrowful shadow that we have announced WRC 2020 will be held in the historic city of Vienna. Lena of Vienna-based club Kasu and Alexander of Ryanpin in Graz approached us even before the 2017 event had come to a close, keen to volunteer to hold the next event. Their enthusiasm is ridiculously infectious, and despite the exhaustion of Vegas, they helped us keep our minds in the future and to the next event.

Of course, Lena was also the best performing European of the entire event and I can't wait to see how the Japanese players perform against her when they're on her home turf.

We're light on the details at the moment but things will start to be locked down over the next twelve months so, as always, follow us on social media and visit our page in your idle moments.

You even have some time to learn some German, starting with the tournament's motto: Lass uns spielen!


Rules hotline open!

As part of our commitment to improve accessibility to the World Riichi Championship rules, we have opened up a direct channel to our Rules Director, Sylvain Malbec.

Just go to Resources > Ask Us! and complete the contact form with your question. Sylvain will get back to you as soon as possible with the clarification or answer you were looking for.

We're hoping to add to and enhance our resource library over the next year so that we can offer clubs and organizations who adapt WRC rules the support they need. With WRC rules, players can be confident that they are playing the lingua franca of riichi. 


We survived Vegas!

A big thank you and congratulations to David Bresnick of the United States Professional Mahjong League for holding the biggest gathering of riichi players outside of Japan. And an even bigger congratulations to Masaharu Tomotake who is the second World Riichi Champion!

But what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas this time... We're currently looking for a new venue and club to host WRC2020. We have some irons in the fire and hope to make an announcement soon. Watch this space!

Rules Clarifications and Additions

It's almost upon us! The World Riichi Championship 2017 is only days away. We hope you are as excited as we are to be traveling to Las Vegas.

Over the last few months we (and especially our amazing Rules Director, Sylvain) have been fielding questions regarding the WRC Rules. Sylvain has collected these and created a document intending to clarify the correct interpretation of the rules.

Click here to download the clarifications document.

This is not an exhaustive list, and it may be added to in the future. Look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!

Player List Updated

The player list has been updated to reflect some changes in the line ups, add the "rest of world" category and better sort the "invites" section. If your name is not on the list or is showing as incorrect, please let us know asap!

The schedule will be going up later next week. The tile sets are ordered! It's all coming together and we can't wait to see you in six weeks... Eeek!


Player List ALMOST Complete

Finally! We're almost there. I can't tell you how grateful we are to the patience of the players. This has been a new process for us partly due to combining hotel bookings and also registering all 240 players from all over the world.

I believe it's going to have been worth the slog and the patience!

The North American player list is up. EMA is currently in the redistribution phase. Once the list is more static, we'll have a combined list of all regions.

Most player invoices have now been issued for those names on the site. We have a few still left to get out but it should all be done in the next few days. The question is what happens next?

After we've received all of your subscriptions, we will then complete the booking with the hotel and make final payments. After which we will be able to issue receipts for those who need/want them.

We will then be starting to send out more complete player forms where we will be asking you for things like a photo of yourself, dietary requirements, logistical things so we can help you better, and also a short bio. Some of this info will be shared with the television producers who will be coming over from Japan, so that they can know you better when they're filming you at the tables!

After those forms are complete, we will issue final player numbers. And really there is nothing left to do for you then but relax until Las Vegas! (and maybe play lots of mahjong in prep!)

Can't wait to see you there!


Documentary - Masters of Mahjong

We are excited to announce a new collaboration with Farpoint Productions in a new planned documentary called Masters of Mahjong. The project is in the development stage and currently looking for funding. The feature-length documentary will follow the trials and tribulations of riichi mahjong players as they prepare for WRC 2017 Las Vegas, and their triumph or disappointment at the event itself.

Jamie Grant of Farpoint Productions traveled to Japan at the beginning of this year to shoot some concept footage for the trailer, and we all spent a very exciting day at the Japan Professional Mahjong League's studio. We highly recommend you check out the video and follow Masters of Mahjong on social media.

The World Riichi Championship is excited and honored to be a part of their plans. We hope that the rest of the riichi community will offer any support they can for the success of this project.

European Mahjong Association Quotas

The European Mahjong Association (EMA) quotas have been finalized for EMA-member countries. You can find out how many people we expect to be representing your country at WRC 2017 from the EMA website. Make sure your EMA rep knows that you are interested in playing in Las Vegas this year!

Players from all other countries can contact us on the Participate form if they are unsure of their representative organization. We will be sure to pass your details on.

WRC 2017 Las Vegas Tournament Website Open!

The World Riichi Championship 2017 Las Vegas tournament website is ready courtesy of the host, the United States Professional Mahjong League.

World Riichi Championship 2017 Tournament Site

It has more details on the tournament, including a rough schedule and room packages ready for you provisonally reserve (tournament entry only option will be made available later).

National organizations have been informed of their seat quota and we'll be publishing more details later on this. If you are interested in playing, please contact your national organization directly. If you aren't sure who this is, fill in our contact form.

We look forward to meeting as many of you as possible there!