Announcing World Riichi Championship

2020 – Vienna!


The World Riichi Championship is very excited to announce that the third edition of WRC is confirmed for 2020 and will be held in the historic city of Vienna, Austria.

Austria is home to many excellent riichi mahjong players - including the best performing European player of WRC 2017, Lena Weinguny – making Vienna an obvious choice for the event.

Vienna also boasts many attractions including the Riesenrad – a giant ferris wheel built over 100 years ago which is also the inspiration for WRC 2020’s logo.

More information will be released as it is confirmed. We invite you to visit the tournament’s website; like us on social media (just search for World Riichi Championship) or reach out to us by email:

We hope that we hear as many players as possible saying to each other:

“Lass uns spielen (let’s play!)" in 2020.