LAS VEGAS, OCT 4th - 8th

World Riichi Championship is delighted to announce that the United States Professional Mahjong League will be hosting the second World Riichi Championship at the prestigious “The Palms Casino Resort,” Las Vegas, Nevada, USA  from 4th to 8th October 2017. This will be the largest gathering of riichi enthusiasts ever, and follows on from the huge success of the inaugural World Championship in Paris 2014, won by Japanese star Hiroshi Yamai.

The previous tournament, held in Paris, was an amazing success. 120 players from over twenty countries played riichi mahjong over three days. Hiroshi Yamai of the Japan Professional Mahjong League was victorious in the end, taking the trophy and the title of World Riichi Champion back to the game’s birthplace – Japan.

Riichi Mahjong is a Japanese variant of the famous Chinese tile game. Until recently it has mostly only enjoyed popularity in Japan. However, this tide is turning with an increasing player base across the globe.

The World Riichi Championship 2017 will invite over 200 players to come and test their skills against the best of the global riichi mahjong community. For more information, please visit the tournament website.



All photography provided by Jamie Grant.